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Explore the unique history of Oak Ridge, created and built under the cloak of secrecy to house the designers and builders of the atomic bomb. 

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A Scientific Legacy

The city of Oak Ridge is full of unique and rich history. In 1942, the US Army Corps of Engineers purchased the 59,00 acres of farmland that would become the city of Oak Ridge. Under the cloak of secrecy, they designed and built a secret city to house all the workers needed for the Manhattan Project.

A company in Indiana built over 3,000 prefabricated single-family homes and shipped them half a house at a time. Despite the speed and population explosion of the area, the government still managed to keep the project a secret, even erecting billboards around the town remind the citizens of the importance of keeping everyone in the dark about their jobs.

The project was a success and literally changed the course of history. Oak Ridge is now utilized as an international scientific hub. The town is currently home to the National Laboratory, the Y-12 National Security Complex, Innovation Valley, and numerous other facilities. Although best known for its role in the building of the atomic bomb, Oak Ridge is the birthplace of many medical and scientific advances. 

The Secret City Today

Explore the unique town where the legacy of the Manhattan project lives on. With the National Lab, the American Museum of Science and Industry, and the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, people flock from all over the world for the chance to work and live in Oak Ridge.  Many of the brightest minds in the world have traveled here to work and research, making numerous scientific and medical advances.