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You Won’t Run Out of Things to Do in Oak Ridge

Explore all the exciting activities Oak Ridge has to offer, from the area’s largest ATV park to the stunning lakes for rowing and boating. 

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Science, Nature, and Delicious Food

Experience this bustling up-and-coming town from your accommodations at Oak Ridge Lodging. The vibrant science and STEM communities, along with local museums, make Oak Ridge a hub of educational opportunities. The unique history of the Manhattan project and important scientific discoveries make it internationally known as a hub of scientific innovation. Take a tour of the National Lab, or spend the day perusing through the American Museum of Science and Energy.  Oak Ridge is full of outdoor activities, home to parks, arboretums, and fishing spots. Go hiking or mountain biking at Haw Ridge Park or take out an ATV and get dirty at the Windrock ATV park.  Finish off your day with a delicious meal at one of the many local restaurants or wander through the historic Jackson Square for some shopping. 

Local Attractions 

Dining in Oak Ridge

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Historic Oak Ridge

Take a stroll down memory lane in Oak Ridge, a town with a rich history as a town built to accommodate the scientists during the Manhattan Project in 1942. The US government literally transformed this rural area into a bustling town. The scientific, medical, and energy advances made here during that time changed the course of history.  

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